Your call is important…in a pig’s eye RAMifications 3-6-13

Posted March 5, 2013 at 4:44 pm

Probably one of my more serious character defects is that I’m not a patient person. I do not like to stand in line, and that’s why I avoid malls. I hate to go to any store and, when there are several people in line, they do not call another checker. Back in the day, for a while I checked out retail merchandise, and we were taught to always call another checker if more than three people were in line, or a person had a ton of merchandise. That made sense to me, and also made for happier customers.

I also do not particularly like to be put on hold, unless there is a logical reason for it.


Ruth A. Moller

So it’s probably not surprising that there is not much I hate more than trying to reach a real, live person on the phone and have the ritual, “press this, press that, please hold.” I run into it in so many instances, and I don’t know if the company/place of business knows how much of a turn off that is. Often, I just hang up. You lost a customer.

I come across it in banks, in clinics, with credit cards, with phone service, in stores. I come across it when I’m trying to make a concern known. I really don’t care if they tell me, “Your call is important to us.” If it is, then have a live person on the line.

What really upsets me is when there is no option for “customer service.” I want a breathing individual on the other end of the line.

But, alas, I’ve found that often when you DO finally reach a human, they are in the Philippines or Mexico City or some place off my radar, and I can’t understand a thing they say. They are giving “tech support”?

Recently, I installed a different TV service. From day one, it didn’t work right. I called over and over again…once in a great while, I’d reach a technician, but often it didn’t come to pass. For two weeks, this went on, before I finally got it resolved. It wouldn’t matter if I said, “customer service,” because the #*#*$$ recording didn’t recognize that request. They have no idea how close they came to losing me as a customer, after two short weeks.

Even our local school does it. If I wanted to speak to a robot, I’d call Robots Anonymous!

Yes, yes, I know, I sound cranky. But I’m so tired of getting recordings, which do not meet my needs, and IF I do reach a real, live person, I often can’t understand a thing said. By that time, my “sweet” temper has escalated to a very un-sweet level. I’m not downgrading the people who answer–after all they need employment. But whatever company employs them SHOULD know that they lose customers, rather than retain them, when their customers become so frustrated. It helps no one.

Our local school and clinic also use the “if you know the extension…” mode. It leaves me cold…and frustrated.

A person I once knew in Rapid who was going through a divorce was so down he called a suicide help-line, and was put on hold! How ludicrous/thoughtless/totally stupid can that be! He slits his wrists while listening to Muzak????

It probably won’t make any changes in the whole scheme of things, but I think the next time I get an automated voice, that will be the end of my dealings with whatever number I happen to be calling. No more pressing “1” then “2” then “6” and still not hearing a live person.

Maybe if enough protested it might do some good?

Your call is important…in a pig’s eye