With the beginning of the school year Rustler Roost is getting into the swing of the new schedule.

Posted September 11, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Having previously been an afterschool program the Roost has expanded to become an out-of-school-time (OST) program. Though licensing requirements have remained the same, policy has changed to include being open Monday through Friday, even when there is no school, except for major holidays. On those weekdays when there is no school the program will open at 7 a.m. It continues to serve K-6 kids and currently has 24 percent of that school population enrolled.

Miller Rustler Horse BW.tif

The kids have been eager to continue to play outdoors. With the construction going on in our old play area (tennis courts) we’ve had to make some adjustments. They’ve learned a few new games and are working on tolerance of the age differences. For instance, kickball can be fun even if you don’t keep score or if you have to “fudge” a bit for the younger children just learning the game.

Plans are gearing up for several projects. The pumpkins in the patch are doing well. The corn maze will be an awesome addition to the event and there will be other activities for children, too. October 10-12 are the dates set for opening the pumpkin patch. Our garden at Prairie Center has been tweaked in preparation for their upcoming event. The Roost will be the recipient of a fundraiser tailgate supper October 5, sponsored by American Bank and Trust with Roost board members and kids assisting with the serving.

Some things on the Roost’s wish list include the following: clean vegetable cans; coffee cans; dolls and related little girl toys; trucks and related young boy toys; toilet tissue and paper towel tubes; a few bushels of shelled corn and of course, any craft items that needs a new home. Items may be left outside our door just inside the Armory entrance anytime we are not there.


CLOSE LISTENING helps to find out why Bella, the main character, thinks she knows “who done it” as Roost “elders” read short mysteries to the group.