Winter makes swath across area Ree Heights 2-6-13

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Winter makes swath across area

The weather this past week has been more of the January weather that we expect for this time of year, with the temperatures getting down below zero. It was down there for a few days and is back up into the plus 20s today. We have also had the wind and snow that goes with the temperatures. It stopped many scheduled activities. There was no school Thursday as it was so cold and windy. We had snow and wind on Monday and the roads were snow packed on Tuesday. We had about seven inches of snow and we have had several more days of snow but it hasn’t added up to very much more.


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck were Sunday dinner guests at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home in Miller.

A three year-old-boy was sitting on the back porch of his grandparents’ house when it started to rain. The wind started to pick up, too, so they headed inside. A few minutes later, the power went out, and the little boy said, “Oh no! The house needs new batteries!”