Week’s weather is mixture of winter and spring Ree Heights 3-20-13

Posted March 19, 2013 at 4:55 pm

The weather this past week included a variety of seasons, with the temperatures getting up into the 50s on one day and in the 40s some other days. We have had temperatures down into the teens and colder for nighttime lows, also. We had icy roads from the snow and rain, as well as beautiful days.

Delton and Carole Beck were Sunday dinner guests at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home. They brought homemade ice cream and cake for dessert for a belated birthday celebration for Margie Parmely’s.


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck attended the funeral and prayer service for Vince Lumby on Thursday evening and Friday. We extend our sympathy to his family. Many others from this area attended. Vince was a recent resident of Ree Heights. 

Carole Beck and several others from this area attended the prayer service or the funeral for Dessie Price on Friday night and Saturday morning. We extend our sympathy to all of her family, also.

Many attended the Dorothy Fawcett auction at the Ree Heights Auditorium Saturday, March 16.

My daughter, Jenna, has always loved apples, but I have to peel, cut and core them or else she won’t eat them.  One day, I was preparing her third apple of the day for her, when I said, “When I was a little girl, my mom didn’t have to cut my apples…I used to bite into them.”  Her reply was, “They had APPLES when you were a little girl?”

Week’s weather is mixture of winter and spring