Week #4: The half-way point!

Posted November 9, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Last week’s trivia questions: In what year and location were women first allowed to compete in the Olympic games?

Move Miller Move.pdf

ANSWER: 1900 -Paris

Jaime Russell had the correct answer and her name was drawn out of a hat!

The bonus points last week-involved calling someone you have not talked to in awhile and talk.

Staying connected to people is so important for our mental well-being-for this week’s trivia prize Jaime will receive-a card set and a box of postage stamps. “there is nothing like receiving a hand written note from a friend to make you feel special”. Enjoy Jaime and stay connected!

15 bonus points added to your weekly score this week for eating supper at home 3 nights this week!

Trivia Question:

What is the Olympic motto and what does it mean? Remember to email your answers to chrissyk700@yahoo.com or call 853-2679

Here are the medal standings for Week #4

Go Miller Go

Mid-Dakota Team- S-G-G-G

Rustler Hustlers-S-S-S-S

I Like To Move It-Move It-S-S-S-S

The Closers-G-G-G-G


Workout Wenches-S-S-S-S

SPON Stars- S+-G -G-G

Kickin’Asphalt #1-G-S-S-S+

Kickin’ Asphalt #2- G-G-G-G

CCC Team Tomorrow’s- S-G-S+-S

Carr Chiropractic Feudin CAs #1-S-G- S-S

Carr Chiropractic Feudin CAs#2-S-S-S-S

Chiro Team-S – S- S-S

Quoin Bank #1- G-G-G-G

Quoin Bank #2- G-G-G-G

Quoin Bank #3- G-G-G-G

Cottonpickers Pavement Pounders (CPP)-G-S- S-S

3 Runners & A Couch Potato-G-G-S+- G

Gold Seekers-S-S-S-G

Rustler Sprinters-S-S-G-G

Cool Runnings-S-G-G-G

Reck Funeral Home Team- S-S-S-S

Mission Slim Possible-S-S+- S-S

Hospital Gals-S-S-S-S

Healthcare Heroes-B+-S-S-S

American Bank & Trust-G-G-G-G

S”miles” R US- S-S-B+-S

Rustler Movers/Groovers-S-S-S-S

Go Go Girls-S-S-S-S

Red Hot Tamales-G-G-G-G

The Can Doers- B+-S-S-S

Northwing Dings-S- S- S-S

BB+1: S-S- S-S



Victorious Secrets-S-S- S+-S+

The Newbies-S-G-S-S

A New You Crew-S-S-S-S

Weight Watchers Warriors-G-G- G-G

MAMA G’s Team-S-S-S


SAVE THE DATE: THURSDAY DECEMBER 6 at 6 p.m. will be our closing ceremony as part of the Christmas on the Prairie. Details to follow later. Please plan to attend if at all possible-it will be fun!