Waterfowl, migratory bird seasons open

Posted September 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm

It’s hard to believe it’s already September and some hunting seasons opened up and others are right around the corner. The September goose season opened up on the first for Unit 1, which includes all of Hand County and most of Hyde County. The daily limit of Canada geese is 15 from September 1 through September 30 and the daily limit is eight from October 1 through December 16. The possession limit is now three times the daily limit instead of two times the daily limit as in past years. Shooting hours are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset and nontoxic shot is required while hunting Canada geese.

The dove season also opened on September 1. The daily bag limit on doves is 15 and the possession limit is 30. Remember, there are some special restrictions on dove hunting. Doves may not be hunted on or within 50 yards of a public road, they may not be shot unless in flight, and you may not hunt doves with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells. If you plan on hunting doves on public land you must use nontoxic shot.



The regular waterfowl season for the low plains middle zone, which includes all of Hand County and most of Hyde County, opens September 28. The grouse and prairie chicken season opens on September 21 and runs through January 5, 2014. The daily limit on grouse has stayed the same as in the past and the limit is three, which includes any combination of sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chickens. Shooting hours for grouse and prairie chickens are sunrise to sunset statewide.

The youth deer and mentored deer seasons began on September 14 and run through January 15, 2014. The archery deer season opens on September 28. Remember to apply ahead of time so you receive your tag in the mail by the opener if you plan on hunting opening weekend. The first deadline for East River deer was on September 1 and the drawing results are available on-line.

The Miller Hunt Safe class was held August 16 and 17 at the Miller Fire Hall. There were 24 kids registered for the class. All the kids who participated in both days of class passed both their exam and the live fire portion of the class. The class was a big success, thanks to the Hunt Safe instructor Dale Simons and members of the Wall Lake Hunting Club for assisting with the live fire portion of the class. If your child missed the Hunt Safe Class there will be one available in Highmore in the near future. As soon as a date is set for the class, I will put an advertisement in the paper.