Water your trees

Posted September 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Every year our office receives a lot of tree samples. In truth a mature, healthy tree is very valuable in this area and this is so evident from the volume of questions that the extension center gets regarding trees.

It is one thing when you have one tree that is sick or dies but it is another, completely, when there are rows of trees involved. Last year was the perfect example. When the tree samples came into the office this spring and summer the first question I asked was, “were the trees watered well last fall”? Watering trees in the fall, especially when it is as dry as the area is now, is so important to their health and longevity.

This fall may not be as dry as last fall, but with the recent heat, the trees in the area should be watered. Evergreens benefit the most from extra water. The evergreens continue to respire during the winter through their needles and therefore, watering now, before ground freeze up will allow the evergreens to tolerate winter better. However, deciduous trees also need to be watered well in the fall. Trees can use up to one inch of water per week at this time of year. It is important to start watering trees now rather than waiting till just before freeze up to begin watering.