Warmer weather appreciated Ree Heights 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Warmer weather appreciated

The weather this past week was cold for the first part and warmed up some for the weekend. We got up to around 30 degrees on Saturday and not quite that warm on Friday. 


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck visited at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home in Miller on Saturday evening.

Delton and Carole Beck attended the boys’ basketball games in Miller last Tuesday evening.

Carole Beck accompanied Jeff, Margie and Tara Parmely, Miller, to the Redfield eighth-grade boys’ basketball games Saturday. Trevor Parmely is one of the members on the Miller team.  They placed third in the tournament.

It was the day of my sister’s bridal shower, and my five-year-old son asked. “What exactly is a shower?”  I replied, “Well, it’s a party for Aunt Lauren because she’s getting married. A bunch of ladies will give her presents, and we’ll all have lunch, then I’ll come home.”  My son still looked confused. Finally, he blurted out, “But do you really have to take a shower with all those people?”