Travelers encounter sand and snow storms Gann Valley 5-1-13

Posted May 1, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Anyone interested in mowing the Spring Hill Cemetery near Gann Valley, please contact Evelyn Wulff at 605-293-3286 or 778-6712.

David and Judy Gaulke traveled to Elfrida, Arizona, to visit Judy’s brother, Oscar and family. They left Friday and returned on Tuesday, traveling through a sand storm in Texas and a snow storm in Kansas.


Gann Valley

Evelyn Wulff joined Doug and Barb Schleder for a birthday supper honoring Darlene Fousek at her home Friday evening.

Carol Grabin visited with Jim and Belle Hinrichs Thursday at their home in Woonsocket.

Linda Ness took her Natvig granddaughters to the circus in Chamberlain Tuesday.

Grace Koch, Kimball, visited the gals at the Gann Valley Courthouse a few times this past week.

Pam and John Niles, Plankinton, were Friday evening supper guests in the David and Judy Gaulke home.

Josh Sinkie, Brynna and Cassidy of Mitchell visited Juanita Sinkie at her home in Wessington Springs Sunday.

Gene Grabin attended Gunnar Cuka’s music concert in Humboldt Thursday.

Wednesday morning, Linda Ness attended a band contest in Platte.  Her granddaughter, Cassie Natvig, was one of the contestants.

Robin Knigge visited in the David and Judy Gaulke home Saturday evening.

Gene Grabin and his granddaughter, Vivienn Cuka, went out for lunch at a Sioux Falls restaurant Friday. Later in the day, Gene met Keith Bridge at the airport and returned to Gann Valley. Welcome home, Keith!

Linda Ness visited with Ruth Dorwart at the Aurora-Brule Nursing Home in White Lake on Thursday.

Saturday, Carol Grabin attended a coffee party in Wessington Springs to wish April Grubb a happy birthday.

Linda Ness attended the White Lake School Prom Grand Entrance. Cassie Natvig was one of the participants.

Bob Arnott, Huron, and Zola Ashley, Wessington Springs, visited in the David and Judy Gaulke home on Monday.

Don Hendricks and a friend from DeSmet were Sunday dinner guests in the Gene and Carol Grabin home.

Ken and Elaine Wulff joined JoAnne Pickner for dinner on Saturday at a Mitchell café.

Temperatures in the 70s and 80s have resulted in trees leafing out, green grass and farmers anxious to get into the fields.

We do not stop playing when we grow old – we grow old when we stop playing.

Travelers encounter sand and snow storms