Too Lazy for Black Friday Wells Wisdom 11-21-12

Posted November 20, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Too lazy for Black Friday

The usual hype has been going on since Halloween about the great Christmas deals to be had on Black Friday. For anyone living in a cave, Black Friday has become the name for the day after Thanksgiving, when all the great sales are on for Christmas. The day when any number of deals can be made—but the price isn’t always measured in money!

My late sister was a big fan of Black Friday. She would do her research, plan out her shopping schedule and then sit down to her Thanksgiving dinner in the sure and certain knowledge that she was ready. And I’ll admit, she sometimes came up with some great buys.

Not great enough, however, to convince me to join her. I even stayed at her house a couple of Thanksgiving holidays and what they went through didn’t impress me.

Start with the time. Black Friday entails getting up at unholy hours of the morning. Sometimes, I’d hear the alarm go at 3 a.m. Out in the chilly morning air, cars starting; away they would go. I just snuggled down deeper in the bed and went back to sleep.

Of course, I always felt jealous when I woke up hours later, slurped down coffee and left-over turkey sandwiches and watched as my sister and her fellow Black Friday buddies showed off their bargains, but I still preferred the extra sleep to the shopping.

Some of the stories I’ve heard from her and others about shoppers at Black Friday sales always put me off as well. People snatching things out of other shoppers’ hands, people lying on top of boxes, threatening violence and actually conducting fist fights over the bargain goods have always astonished me. I don’t think I want a broken jaw just so I can buy that last electronic device for a bargain price.

I have most of the shopping I intend to do for Christmas already done. Most of it is also wrapped. And I didn’t get up early in the morning to do it and I didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money, either. It might mean that I’m just lucky and prudent, and that’s the story I’m going with.

However, there are some out there who think I’m just too lazy to appreciate Black Friday. I would take offense at that, but on this Friday I’ll be too busy sleeping off all that turkey and cranberry sauce to really properly care. Happy shopping, all of you!