To all my favorite grandchildren RAMifications 2-13-13

Posted February 12, 2013 at 5:14 pm

Okay, especially as we are nearing Valentine’s Day, it is grandkid time again, or at least time to write about them, because they had a strong grip on my heartstrings.

I realize now how much I missed because I never knew my grandparents. The closest I came to that was my mom’s older sister, Lois. She loved, spoiled, cared…and I guess in most instances that equals “grandparent.”


Ruth A. Moller

From what I’ve heard, both my sets of grandparents would have been interesting to know. But being at the tail-end of everything, I didn’t get that choice.

But from my first-hand experience, I know that being a grandparent is probably the best place to be. Of course I have a few unfulfilled dreams (I will probably never get to Ireland). But I have kids…and GRANDKIDS…and they keep me going.

When I was talking to my two oldest grandsons the other day, I told Wyatt, “I’ll be sending you a Valentine’s card, but I don’t imagine they are all that important now that you’re so grown up.”

Wyatt responded, “Grandma, I always want to get cards from you.”

Truism: Kids need grandparents as much as grandparents need grandkids.

I love to hear about what my grandkids are doing, and Tyler and Brooke are always anxious to tell me “great news.” Tyler’s most recent “great news” was that he got a new bunk bed, complete with a “sofa” that folds out into another bed. That way, he can have friends over, and no problem where to sleep.

Never to be outdone, Brooke tells me about her gymnastics and doing well on a test. It’s the confiding I so welcome…they want me to know the great happenings of their day.

And probably the biggest recent news is, it looks like the legal roads are cleared so my oldest son can adopt his “son,” who has called him Dad since Day One. It’s been a long haul, because the biological dad has stalled, although he has never had a thing to do with Zane…no visits, calls, letters, gifts, and no child support. I’m praying, and we’re hoping for a Grand Celebration soon.

But you know, only my daughter’s two sons are my “real” biological grandchildren. Matthew was adopted, so no blood of mine flows through Tyler and Brooke. Zane is Heidi’s son, by blood. But don’t ever tell Tedd that he’s not Zane’s “Dad.”

Children need to know they are loved, accepted unconditionally, and are always the special people in certain other people’s hearts.

I always had that feeling with my Aunt Lois. I believe my five grandchildren feel it, too. They know that “Grandma M’ belongs to them. She can be trusted and always be there for them, whatever the circumstances.

Love should never require a blood test—love is an act of the heart.

To all my favorite grandchildren