Thury family takes new path

Posted October 2, 2012 at 6:09 pm


After a lengthy, satisfying interaction with the Miller-Wessington-Highmore health community, Stacey and Monty Thury have made the decision to move to Watertown, where Stacey has been employed as a physical therapist at Prairie Lakes Hospital.

The move will bring about major adjustments, not only for Stacey and Monty, but also for their three children, ages 10, six and four.

Stacey, a Huron native, graduated from physical therapy training in 1999, and started as a contracted therapist for ProPT in Huron. In that capacity, she provided physical therapy at Miller, and became an employee of the Miller hospital facility in January 2003, as its only physical therapist. She also provided outpatient physical therapy services at the Highmore Clinic.

“Then Bobbi Joe Peterson was hired in April 2003 and Heather McDonnele in March 2005, both as physical therapy assistants,” Stacey explained. Amber Saianga was hired in May 2007 as a physical therapist. Mary Ann Hedge has been employed as an aide for many years, and just recently Noelle Tvedt was hired to provide physical therapy services at Miller and Highmore.

“This (move) was not something I was looking to do,” Stacey explained. “It just happened that I was approached. But we spent many a long night discussing our options.”

Monty Thury, originally from Sioux Falls, was hired in May 2006 as executive director of Hand County Memorial Hospital, Inc. In that position, Monty oversees all community-based services, which include assisted living, dietary, ambulance, home health, community health, and two wellness facilities.

Prior to being hired as the executive director, Monty worked at the Nordby Center in Huron for five years, and before that was a state trooper for a short time.

Both Stacey and Monty say the move was a “hard decision.” They noted the important changes that have taken place with the hospital expansion, which they have been part of, and are saddened to leave. Said Monty, “The Phase III building plan includes two new areas of gyms for physical therapy and cardiac rehab. They’ll be getting started on that phase soon.”

Because the Thury home is located between Miller and Wessington, and both have ties to Highmore through physical therapy, a wellness facility, and other community-based services, they feel they are moving away from many friends, as well as co-workers in three communities.

“We’ve been happy here, and active in the communities,” said Monty. “We’re now looking at opportunities in another community, but we’ll have friends and great memories from the years spent here.”

Ruth A. Moller|The Miller Press

THOUGH MONTY AND STACEY Thury are moving on, they’ve played vital roles in the Miller-area health community.