Third grade students receive dictionaries 

Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Miller Elementary’s third grade classes were recently presented with new dictionaries by the American Legion Auxiliary Units of Miller and Wessington.The students are very appreciative of this generous gift. The dictionaries will be put to good use throughout the school year.

Dictionaries 1.jpg

Dictionaries 2.jpg


THE STUDENTS in Mrs. Gibson’s class are also proud of their new dictionaries. Front row, left to right: Davon Rombough, Taylor Naser, Kael Ruhnke, Cynthia Ford, Payton Kilker, Layni Stevens, and Aubrey DeHaai. Middle row, left to right: Caden Gortmaker, Brielee Conkey, Luke Johnson, Cole McKinstry, Jordan Haaland, Alexias Duxbury, Aaron Castonguay, and Karsyn Engelmann. Back row: Maureen Gerdes and Rita Matthews.


PROUDLY DISPLAYING their brand new dictionaries are the students in Mrs. Clement’s class. Front row, l to r: Andrew Knox, Sara Jessen, Christopher Ward, Alana Howard, Luke Pederson, and Noah Johnson. Middle row: Taya Pawlowski, Emily Gibson, Dale Lee Forman, Cooper Oakley, Jaden Anderberg, and Owen Fritzsche. Back row: Maureen Gerdes and Rita Matthews. Not pictured: Bradley Hunter and Karli Keck.