Things that make it worth getting up in the morning. RAMifications 11-14-12

Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Things that make it worth getting up in the morning.

In previous RAMifications, I’ve mentioned some of the things I take pleasure in. Then a woman sent a column about things that gives her pleasure (she had 110 and counting). Mine won’t be quite that long, but I think it’s a good thing to sometimes take stock of what truly are blessings, which we too often take for granted. Simple things are the best blessings, and it surely beats griping!


Ruth A. Moller

Pleasures all the time

Grandkids saying, “I love you, Grandma M.”

My kids saying, “I love you, Mom.”

Friends/family who say, “I love you.”

A child’s belly laugh.

The Black Hills.

Country music, hymns and tap-your-toes tunes,

Books, rocks and plants…and popcorn.

Any baby, anytime. Give me a baby to hold, and I’m in paradise.

A letter/e-mail/phone call from a loved one.

Copper and brass and the feel of velvet.

Memories and family history and antiques.

History of all kinds.

Being able to walk, see and hear.

Sharing of “The Peace” at church.

Kind, gentle, honest people.

My cats + kittens, puppies, calves, colts, chicks.

Spring pleasures

Lilacs, crocuses and lilies of the valley.

The smell of fresh-turned sod.

The smell after a spring rain, plus a rainbow.

Digging in the dirt.

Seeing the first sprouts of anything (except weeds).

The first lawn mowing of the season.

Rummage sales.

Driving with the window down.

A good book to read.

Summer pleasures

Longer days…but sleeping in.

The smell of mowed alfalfa and clover.

Roses, stargazers and begonias.

Hanging clothes on the line.

Fresh rhubarb, asparagus, cukes and tomatoes.

Potato salad and cantaloupe.

The smell of a campfire in the evening.

The sound of a waterfall.

Summer “explorations” of places.

A good book to read.

Fall pleasures

Brilliant red sumac and burning bush.

Fall in Minnesota and/or Spearfish Canyon.

Slow, moody music (“Try to remember the kind of September…”).

The smell of wood-smoke (see campfire).

The beauty of a first frost.

Indian summer.

The end of political campaigns.

A good book to read.

Winter pleasures

A “gentle” snowfall.

Buying gifts/sending cards.

Receiving Christmas cards and letters.

Mincemeat pie.

Christmas carols and Christmas Eve midnight Eucharist.

Snuggling—cats, kids, flannel sheets.

A long winter’s nap.

A good book to read.

I know I could think of more, but this is at least a first list of “blessings” and pleasures.

You may note I don’t add such items as cell phones, Facebook, TV, “games” or many of the things that seem to consume many people’s time today.

For me “simple pleasures” equal people/animals I love, places I love and things I love. Really can’t ask for more than that.