These boots were made for walkin’ Wells Wisdom 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:18 pm

These boots were made for walkin’

I came home from work on Thursday last week and as soon as I was in the house, I took off soaking wet shoes and socks and doused my feet with warm water, after which I sat with them wrapped into a towel until they were nice and toasty. I have to do this regularly in the wintertime, and often, I have to clean my shoes of any mud or salty water, etc., while I am soaking my feet.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

Now, I know what you’re thinking: why doesn’t the woman just buy a pair of boots and stop her whining? Well, the reason I don’t buy boots is simple: I don’t need them that often, so I don’t want to spend the money. However, I’ve had a few scrapes in the past that have tested that policy.

When I was young and daring, I used to wear strappy sandal shoes with no socks all winter long. That was back in the days when if I came across snow or mud, someone could pick me up and carry me across. Today, no one would try to carry me anywhere unless they had a death wish, so I have learned to at least wear shoes that are closed and on most days, I also remember the socks.

When I was still in high school, they also had all of those cool snow boots. They were high heeled and really looked sharp. You had to wear them without shoes and this created two problems for me. First, I would sweat directly into the snow boots, so that after about two weeks that cool, furry inside had been reduced to a mashed-down, cold mess. The other problem was that I could never remember my shoes, so I spent half of my winters in high school either sweating all day into the snow boots or running around all day in my stocking feet–and of course there was usually a hole in my stockings!

Since then, I slosh through snow and pray every time that it is not more than ankle deep. I have spent many days with soaking wet shoes and socks because I stepped into a deceptively deep puddle of slush. I also have dyed any number of white or light colored socks a deep shade of black since the dye from the shoes got wet and shared itself with my absorbing socks.

As for mud, I got fed up a few years ago with the muddy parking lot I walk through at work, so I decided to solve that problem one spring by buying a pair of galoshes. These would cover my shoes and socks and I would never forget footgear that way.

I wore them for a week. During that week, they ran two pairs of nylons. In addition, twice during the week, I stepped into a particularly sticky pile of mud, and had the galosh and my shoe stay in the mudhole while I kept going. This, of course, meant that my sock got the full benefit of the mud mess and in one case, it stayed in the second mudhole so that by the time I got to the building, I was barefootin’ in the mud run.

So, although some people might call me stupid or cheap or maybe even crazy, I have decided, even in the state of South Dakota, to eschew all boots. Because boots may be for walkin’, but my shoes have been more loyal to my feet! Stay warm and dry everyone!