Thefts continue in Miller area; no arrests made

Posted July 5, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Since the reported break-in at the Miller Golf Course between 10 p.m. June 19 and 8 a.m. June 20, at least two other break-ins of businesses have occurred.

According to police logs, thefts are often reported for the newspaper as “Theft report, and the street or avenue,” but no other information is forthcoming. However, according to the weekly police logs, several theft reports have been called in to the department, but no other information is provided.

According to Gary Bates, Midwest Supply, there was a break-in at the store the evening of June 20. Bates said access was gained through a garage door that led into the store’s warehouse. A bottom panel of the garage door was broken out, allowing them into the warehouse. To get into the store from the warehouse, the door was taken off its hinges.

Police were summoned. Bates said as far as store personnel can tell, nothing was taken. However, he says no cash is left overnight in the store, and the cash drawers are left open, so anyone entering can tell they won’t be getting any money.

Padyn Scheer, who operates the Bombshell Boutique, noticed her cash box was missing the morning of June 25. She said she made a deposit from money in the cashbox the evening of June 23, and then put the locked cashbox, which still contained some money, into a drawer. The shop was not open June 24.

As soon as she saw the cashbox was missing, Scheer said she called the police, who responded and asked a few questions.

The Bombshell is attached to Marv’s Furniture. Staff have determined access was gained through the front door of Marv’s, presumably with a key. The door to Scheer’s salon appears to have been pried open. The thief then walked out the back door, which was found open Monday morning.

Scheer says she did call Officer Jim Henson again later on June 25, and he did respond and check for fingerprints.

Extra locks have been placed at the building for stronger security, and money will no longer be kept after hours on the premises.