The search for exercise-Wells Wisdom 7-17-13

Posted July 17, 2013 at 12:00 am

One of the resolutions I made in January was to search out new ways to exercise. Not just to get some exercise, but to find ways to exercise that addressed by particular needs.

I started by joining a support group. Unfortunately, the support group includes my two daughters. I say this is unfortunate only because my daughters might hesitate to tell me to get off my lazy you-know-what and exercise. They have done pretty well, though, but the support group is sometimes difficult because I am listening to what the others are doing and encouraging it, while I know I am not getting that far myself.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

I began with a series of exercises designed to do some toning. It wasn’t difficult to do some of them, but any which required a sit-up or a lifting of both legs was difficult. I rested a great deal in the beginning between each sit-up. So much so that my little grandson was concerned. He stood over me as I tried to do the leg lifts saying, “You tired, Grandma? You go night night?”

As soon as I got up from the mat, he immediately lay down on it and copied my exercises with so much ease and such limber moves that I was envious of a two and a half year old! When I tried to do the semi-push-up, he sat down on my back and exclaimed, “Whee!” So, the first thing I have learned is to not do my limbering exercises when Royce is around…it’s too hard on my ego!

As time has gone on this year, I have improved with the toning exercises. I really began to feel they could be helping, so I decided to add some Yoga. Now, I don’t know that I go along with all the spiritual followings of a true “yogini” as they call themselves, but I do like the breathing and stretching exercises. I am still working on the different postures that are recommended, and I believe they are important. I must say, though, that the person who called me last week while I was bent as far as possible in half, with my hands flat on the floor, sort of, and trying to draw the correct breaths, even though my fat was cutting into my lungs, that person who called not only didn’t get the telephone answered, but they probably had their ears burning with the curse words I was using as I tried to unfold long enough to reach the phone!

Now I am onto the third part of the exercise issues. I need to add some cardio-workout. That means walking rapidly or, heaven forbid, running. Now, I am trying to do this cardio, but I refuse to do it when people can see me. So, I have been going out after dark to do the running, which, my nine-month old grandson could probably keep up with! So, if you see a large, dark heap lying in the middle of the road when you’re driving along at night, please stop for it. It just means that my cardio-workout isn’t going as well as it could!

I am particularly proud of the fact that I am still exercising, because this is one of the true self-improvement resolutions I have kept. I will keep it up, but I think I’ll refrain from doing exercises while my grandson is around, I’ll take the phone off the hook while I’m doing Yoga, and I might just take the dog when I run—in case I meet anyone or anything when I’m running in the dark.

The search for exercise