The DCP/ACRE Sign-up FSA

Posted March 19, 2013 at 4:40 pm

The 2013 DCP/ACRE sign-up is underway in the county offices. However, if a producer has any farm operational changes the FSA farm records must be updated before enrolling in the 2013 FSA programs. Producers are required to notify FSA when there is a transfer or change in interest on any land owned or leased in their farming operation.

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By signing the CCC-509, DCP/ACRE election contract, the producer agrees to comply with Highly Erodible and Wetland Conservation Provisions, file an acreage report by July 15 for all spring seeded crops and November 15 for all pasture, forage, and fall seeded crops; and certify compliance with the Average Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) provisions.

The appendix to the CCC-509 contract provides information regarding changes in law, definitions of terms, and payment provision. The appendix is available at the Beadle County FSA Office or you can go online at

Those producers who enroll in the 2013 ACRE program are required to report their production on covered crop commodities by July 15, 2014.

If you haven’t already scheduled an appointment to sign up for the DCP/ACRE program, the Beadle County FSA Office encourages you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible before spring fieldwork begins. All signatures must be filed in the office by June 3, 2013 to enroll in the ACRE program.

2011 SURE Sign-up

Did you have land in Beadle County and suffered at least a 10% crop loss in 2011 due to a natural disaster?  The Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payment Program (SURE) provides cash payments to eligible producers who have incurred crop production losses and are located in a county covered by a qualifying natural disaster declaration. 

For SURE program purposes, a “farm” is all crop and hay land in all counties that you planted or intended to plant to a crop for sale or forage use.

Payments are determined on a SURE Disaster Program Guarantee and your TOTAL Farm Revenue.  Included in the Total Farm Revenue calculation are the estimated crop value, crop insurance payments, NAP payments, other disaster payments, and 15% of your DCP direct payments plus ACRE payments if applicable.

Producers with qualifying losses are eligible to receive 60% of the difference between the SURE Program Guarantee and the actual Farm Revenue.

If you feel that you may have a qualifying loss for 2011 SURE and would like more information, call the Beadle County FSA Office at 605-352-2998.  The 2011 SURE Sign-up period ends June 7, 2013.

MICROLOANS Offered Through FSA – Farm Loan Programs

On January 15, 2013, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a new Microloan program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) designed to help small farms and family operations, beginning, and socially disadvantaged farmers secure loans up to $35,000.  The application process for microloans will be simplified, requiring less paperwork to fill out, to coincide with the smaller loan amount that will be associated with microloans.

Microloans can be used for all approved operating expenses as authorized by the FSA Operating Loan Program.  These purposes include, but are not limited to the purchase of livestock for market or breeding stock, equipment, and procuring essential tools or initial start-up expenses.

For more information about the programs and loans administered by FSA, visit or call the Beadle County FSA Office at (605) 352-2998 or contact your local FSA Office. Details on all FSA commodity and loan programs are available on the FSA website at

The DCP/ACRE Sign-up

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