The Almanac says, ‘Throw another log on the fire’ RAMifications 10-23-13

Posted October 22, 2013 at 6:03 pm

The Almanac says, ‘Throw another log on the fire’

In the “for what it’s worth” department, the 2014 Old Farmer’s Almanac is now available. The weather map shows predictions for a very cold, snowy winter for most of the country.


Ruth A. Moller

Well, maybe if you’re in a portion of Texas or Colorado or a bit of Illinois, it is supposed to be mild and dry, but most everywhere else is winter. Even the tip of Florida is forecast to be cold and wet, as is California and even a portion of Nevada.

I’m not sure it predicted the whopper of a snowfall the first weekend of October in West River.

But for South Dakota, it looks like our area of the state is to be “cold and dry.” But, if you drive a few miles further east, it becomes cold and snowy, and goes all the way through Minnesota that way.

I, however, am not totally trusting about forecasts. If it says it is going to be cold and dry, I will start out with that premise; but I won’t be surprised if what really happens varies greatly.

I try to always “be prepared.” Therefore, I have my ice scraper in the back seat of the car, as well as the sun shade. What’s the sense of putting something away when you only have to take it out again.

I never did get the snow shovels to the shed, after the final melt. They’ve stayed in the shade all summer, but they’re within easy reach if I need them.

Coats, jackets, gloves and boots aren’t packed away. I do put the winter coats in a spare closet, but they’re easily assessable. Same with spring jackets…they’re within easy reach. Especially in spring, the weather seems to have a hard time making up its mind. It might be balmy one minute and be pelting cold rain the next. So jackets aren’t stored away.

I really do love spring weather…it just doesn’t stay around long enough. And fall is my favorite time of year, although I know that my idea of heaven won’t stay long either, and eventually it will turn into cold, icy, snowy short days, with long winter nights.

I try to somewhat follow the seasons regarding how I dress. I have a few heavier fabrics for winter and some very lightweight for summer, but I also have a wide selection that I consider “transition” clothing…for those many days when it isn’t summer, it isn’t winter…it’s some place in between.

By the way, summer 2014 is predicted to be “hot and wet” for this area, although (again) it’s right on the border of where it becomes “hot and dry.”

I’ve always thought weather predictors have it made, especially for projections as general as the Farmer’s Almanac. It isn’t like a 24-hour forecast from the National Weather Service. The almanac is looking down the road several months; you’re bound to be correct part of the time.

In advertising the Almanac, it’s stated, “This year’s prediction is for a very cold and snowy winter for most of the country.”

And next summer will be hot and dry or hot and wet. Flip a coin.

I think I’ll just go on as usual…keeping my shovels and boots close by, and keeping the sun shade in sight, just to be on the safe side.

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