Sunshine Bible Academy

Posted February 26, 2013 at 5:10 pm


SBA Small group picture.jpg

TWENTY-SIX high school students from Sunshine Bible Academy participated in the Region IV Small Group Music Contest in Aberdeen on February 6. They participated in 23 different events, earning 12 I ratings (Superior), 11 II ratings (Excellent), and one III rating (Good). Pictured l to r, front row, Heather Deal, Hope Anderson, Bonnie Lee. Row 2, Cassie Beckwith, Jana Hunt, Chidima Egeruoh. Row 3, Allison Deal, Staci Seaman, Sarah Pedersen.

Row 4 Samantha Rogers, Erin Rogers, Elissa Stiegelmeier, Jessica Clowdis, Melinda Schroeder. Row 5, Daniel Seaman, Andrew Shumake, Soo Jae Lee, Justin Ryu. Row 6, Nolan Hamilton, Ethan Hammer, Joseph Lopez, David Paul. Back row, Brady Brockel, Daniel Pedersen, Connor Beeman and DJ Beckwith.