Students in the Spotlight 2-6-13

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Students in the Spotlight

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Ruth A. Moller|The Miller Press

SPOTLIGHTED STUDENTS for January are, l to r, Cassie Beckett, Christina Koeck, Kirstyn Fiala, Trey Waldrop, Henry Mullaney and Jennifer Kenaston.

Questions posed are: favorite pastime; activities; if stranded on a desert island, who would you want with you; role model or one you look up to; and greatest achievement.

Henry Mullaney, seventh grade, is the son of Robert and Sandra Mullaney, Miller. His favorite pastime is playing catch with a football. Activities include playing basketball and football. For a companion on a desert island, Henry chose Tom Hanks, but did not give a reason for his choice. He looks up to his dad. Up to this point, he considers eating seven pancakes in one sitting one of his greatest achievements.

Eighth grader Jennifer Kenaston is the daughter of Julie Taylor, Miller. Jennifer enjoys playing sports and being with friends. Activities for this busy teen include Web Leaders, basketball, volleyball, band, Girl Scouts, and the Presbyterian confirmation group. She would like friend Taylor Schlechter with her on a desert island because, “she is very bubbly and happy. She is also very funny and it would make being on a desert island a lot better.”

Jennifer says her mom is her role model, because of her being supportive and always encouraging Jennifer to do her best. Her greatest achievement is trying her hardest in everything she does.

Trey Waldrop, freshman, is the son of Bob and Tammie Waldrop, St. Lawrence. Favorite pastimes are writing and reading. He keeps busy with numerous activities, including jazz band, cross-country, track and one-act play. He is also freshman class president. In addition he is a member of the Miller Area Health Board and the Hand County Historical Society.

Trey would like his brother, Slone, to be with him if he were stranded on a desert island, and his father is the person he most looks up to.

His top achievement to date is running at the state cross-country meet in Huron in his freshman year.

Sophomore Cassie Beckett is the daughter of Todd and DeAnn Beckett, Miller. Dancing is her favorite pastime. Stands to reason her activities include music…including dance, band, chorus, vocal jazz and show choir. She is a member of the Miller Area Health Board, and is a cheerleader for boys’ basketball and football.

Cassie would like her dad with her on a desert island because, “He would remain calm and keep us safe until we returned home.” Her mom is her role-model because, “She teaches me perseverance and is strong enough to get through anything.” Her greatest achievement is making the “A” honor roll throughout junior high, and now in high school.

Christina Koeck, junior, is the daughter of Judy and Jerry Koeck, Miller. She enjoys sports and being with her friends. Activities include volleyball, boys’ basketball stats, FFA, FFA reporter, vocal jazz, chorus and band, and flag corps. She is also junior class president.

She would like to have Bear Grylls with her on a desert island. Grylls is the star of “Man vs. Wild” Christina says, and “I would trust whatever advice he gives me. He seems adept to harsh conditions and has military training.”

She looks up to her brother Stephen. “He has many great accomplishments in life, and has outstanding character. I look up to him and everything he has done.” Christina considers her greatest achievement to date is receiving the position of FFA reporter. “This position is not only an honor but a great opportunity for me to become more involved in the welfare of my community and student body.”

Senior Kirstyn Fiala is the daughter of Joe and Andrea Fiala, Miller. She enjoys reading and dancing. Kirstyn stays busy with many activities, including vocal jazz and jazz band, band, chorus, dance, FFA, FCCLA, volleyball and track. She is also a 4-H member, is a swim team member, and is a member of the Hand County Historical Society board.

She would want Dora the Explorer with her on a deserted island, because Dora has a talking map that tells you where to go, and talking bookpack that always has everything you need.

Kirstyn looks up to track coach, Tom McGough. “He has amazing character and treats everyone he knows with respect.”

Her greatest achievement has been placing in the top 16 at the National FFA Creed Speaking Competition.