Storm season spurs plans to designate shelters

Posted June 28, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Last Friday’s stormy weather, and the lengthy siren warnings, made it clear people needed to take shelter, or at least have a place to take shelter in a hurry.

Several persons did take shelter in the courthouse basement, but they were informed that the basement would not be open should a storm come up after business hours.

So the question that needs to be determined is, what building(s) are designated storm shelters, both for summer storms as well as winter blizzards.

Mayor Ron Blachford has that topic on the agenda for the City Council meeting Monday evening, July 1. Emergency manager Nehemia Volquardsen has been invited to attend that meeting.

Blachford and Volquardsen are also on the agenda for the County Commission meeting July 2, and the topic will also be discussed then.

Volquardsen said, “Emergency Management will be working with the City of Miller on the storm shelter designations for Miller, and it is on my agenda for the county commission meeting regarding the use of the courthouse as a storm shelter because there are items that need to be in place for it to be used as a shelter, especially for longer periods of time (i.e. extended power outages; blizzards; etc).” 

Once designated shelters are determined, they will be posted in The Miller Press.