State Track qualifiers

Posted May 24, 2013 at 3:35 pm
Track State qualifiers.jpg

Janet Kittelson | The Miller Press
Seventeen MHS tracksters competed at the State Track Meet in Lennox and Sioux Falls May 24-25. Due to the Memorial Day holiday and our early printing, full results will appear in next week’s issue. Pictured, from back left: Beau Keeter, Johannes Gimbel, Alan Ames, Riley Mullaney, and Mason Breitling. Middle row, from left: Cole Sargent, Austin Schaaf, Lucas Simpson, Carter Kindle, and DevonLetsche. Front row, from left: Shaly Werdel, Emma Steers, Jamie Mentzer, Megan Fiala, Shae Knox, Allison Hasart, and Brianne Bertsch.