St. Lawrence Board, sheriff discuss code enforcement

Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:02 pm

The St. Lawrence City Board of Trustees held a special meeting on September 12.

The meeting was held between the board and Hand County Sheriff Doug DeBoer to discuss the code enforcement officer position with the city.

The City of St. Lawrence is researching its options, duties and responsibilities regarding municipal code enforcement. Sheriff DeBoer explained that as sheriff he is hired to enforce County and State laws, but city code enforcement would be for the authorized person to handle. His office could help the city with those issues on a per-case basis for a fee, determined by the Hand County Commissioners. The fee would be an hourly amount for the call and all paperwork, court appearance etc. involved in the issue.

The city would need to set up a procedure for the citizen to follow in these code enforcement issues. Sheriff DeBoer also suggested that the city go through the code book to make sure all codes were in alignment with the current feeling of the town and the council. He suggested the city set a priority list of code enforcement issues. The board is also going to be looking at the codes to make sure there are not any conflicting codes, such as dealing with disturbing the peace and fireworks.