Spring holidays prompted Roost activities this week. 3-6-13

Posted March 5, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Spring holidays prompted Roost activities this week. From foam oval, tear drop, and round foam pieces kids crafted colorful bunnies. A piece of magnetic tape affixed to the back turned the little critter into a refrigerator magnet.


After hearing a Dumb Bunnies book and searching on the book pages for all the silly things that happen to that rabbit family the kids then learned a paper folding technique to make a book. This was the start for creating a silly rabbit story of their own.

The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing and fashioned after the traditional ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was a fun bunny story and prompted the creation of spring colored bunnies. Using tubes wrapped in bright colored paper, googly eyes, markers, and of course, a cotton ball tail, the kids made their own bunny.

After a discussion of rhyme and rhythm the kids worked together in groups to create original limericks–silly five-line poems with a distinctive style. This is an ongoing project.

Some “funky,” multi-colored, disc shaped crayons were made when kids sorted crayons and chose broken pieces, removed any paper, and randomly put them into a muffin tin. After “cooking” and cooling, interesting colors had been created.

Braiding was a new skill to some. Using three colors of yarn they learned the “right over the center, left over the center” routine to make bookmarks. When the activity was finished two kids thought they needed something on which to hang the bookmarks. They went on to design from wood scraps a stand with side arms to hold their creations.

Does one eye see the same as two when it comes to depth of field? The kids answered that question after doing some experiments using one eye then both eyes as they tried to make the ends of two pencils, held at arms’ length, meet. They found differences.

With the changes in basketball practices the gym was open more often for our use, which was a treat for the kids. Dodgebowl, Skunk tag, beach ball relays and free time play definitely used a lot of energy.

As track season begins we won’t see Jeremy as often, which saddens the kids, but with basketball season nearly over we’ll see more of Shelby, which the kids love. These two young adults are superb assets to the afterschool program and serve as fine role models for the Roost kids. We are most happy to have them amongst us.

Plans for the summer program are in the making. With questions or for information call the Roost afternoons at 853-0180.

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Submitted March 6, 2013

KIDS WATCH for the ridiculous as they listen to a silly bunny story read by assistant Jeremy Coss.