Speedway races heat up on a hot night 7-17-13

Posted July 17, 2013 at 12:00 am

It was a very hot and humid night at the Miller Speedway July 12, but in spite of the heat there was a very good crowd. Forty-four cars were on hand for the WISSOTA Race of Champions qualifiers. Dustin Arthur Racing sponsored the candy scramble. And the quad racers were there for another good race. Hometown favorite James Waldrop won his second straight feature of the season. In spite of the weather, the track was fast and tacky all night.

The evening’s feature race action started off with the Clark Pump N Pak UCARs. Robert Ross grabbed the lead on the start and ran away. A caution with 2 laps to go put Brandon Hammill on his bumper but he fought him off on the restart and won his first UCAR feature over Brandon Hammill, Mike Hammill, Curt Manning and Jordan Rawstern. It was Ross’s first win at the speedway since 7/25/08.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were up next. Scott Hansen led the first two laps. On lap three there was a big crash with other drivers spinning to avoid the wreck. Eleven cars were involved, with Tanner Zweifel, Rich Pavlicek, Jim Danburg and Kyle Carter going off on the hook. Hansen led until lap seven, then Lorin Johnson powered by for the win, with Hansen nipping at his heels the rest of the way, followed by Chad Olsen, Dustin Hofer, Tony Konold and David Carlson. Hofer was disqualified for not going to the tech area after the feature. It was Johnson’s 41st Midwest Modified feature win at the Miller Speedway.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks put on the race of the night. Tyler Lamb got the lead on the start, while Grady Myers was moving up from deep in the field. A restart with two laps to go put Myers on the leader’s bumper, and Myers made his move in turn four on the last lap and barely edged out Lamb for the win, with Maria Konold, Blayne Baloun and Michael Hammill rounding out the top five. It was Grady’s third Street Stock win at the Miller Speedway.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks rounded out the night, with Lorin Johnson leading the first five laps before Dustin Arthur roared by and ran away for his 17th feature win, followed by Johnson, David Carlson, Alan Dorris and Jeremy North.

There are only four weeks left in the 2013 season.

WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 2. Lorin Johnson, Miller 3. David Carlson, Huron 4. Alan Dorris, Wolsey 5. Jeremy North, Huron DNF: Mike Jager, Gettysburg; Kelly Duffy, Winner DNS: Cole Searing, Huron

Heat: Johnson, Arthur, Dorris, Carlson, Jager

WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 2. Scott Hansen, Garden City 3. Chad Olsen, Hendricks, MN 4. Tony Konold, Groton 5. David Carlson, Huron 6. Kyle Knouse, Huron 7. Hayden Herman, Miller 8. Spence Pollock, Miller 9. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 10. Zach Pollock, Miller DNF: Adam Brotherton, Huron; Lane Johnson, Miller; Tanner Zweifel, Watertown; Rich Pavlicek, Casselton, ND; Jim Danburg, Miller; Kyle Carter, Wolsey DNS: Caleb Yost, Miller DQ: Dustin Hofer, Huron

Heat 1: Lo. Johnson, Konold, Williams, Carter, S. Pollock

Heat 2: Knouse, Herman, Hansen, La. Johnson, Yost

Heat 3: Brotherton, Danburg, Z. Pollock, Carlson, Olsen

WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Grady Myers, Ethan 2. Tyler Lamb, Clark 3. Maria Konold, Goodwin 4. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 5. Michael Hammill, Miller 6. Bill Leimbach, Fort Pierre 7. Broc Stout, Winner 8. Jeff Rawstern, Blunt 9. Evan Wieseler, St. Lawrence 10. Casey Carstens, Mitchell

Heat 1: Hammill, Rawstern, Leimbach, Carstens, Wieseler

Heat 2: Myers, Lamb, Konold, Baloun, Stout

Clark Pump N Pak UCAR main: 1. Robert Ross, St. Lawrence 2. Brandon Hammill, Miller 3. Mike Hammill, Miller 4. Curt Manning, Miller 5. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 6. Wally Ufen, Miller DNF: Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence; Tre Blasdell, Miller

Heat: Manning, M. Hammill, B. Hammill, Morris, Ross

Quad main: 1. James Waldrop, Miller 2. Ken Bailey, Mina 3. John Tietz, Aberdeen 4. Geoff Gogolin, Cavour DNF: Jacob Roeber, Tulare

Heat: Bailey, Waldrop, Tietz

Speedway races heat up on a hot night