South Dakotans encouraged to take part in Postal Service survey

Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:04 pm

South Dakotans are being asked to take part in U.S. Postal Service surveys on reduced retail hours being proposed at certain post office locations. Among those that would be affected are Ree Heights and St. Lawrence.


Representative Kristi Noem is encouraging people to fill out the surveys.  On September 21, Noem said in a press release that the Postal Service proposed closing a number of rural post offices, but has changed its plan and now plans to reduce hours, instead.  Surveys are being mailed to those who live in the affected zip codes.  The surveys are a part of the Postal Service’s two-year evaluation process of its plan to cut hours at 13,000 post office locations across the country.

Besides customer surveys, the evaluation will also include public meetings.  Changes in service will not be made until the meetings are complete. A number of post offices in South Dakota are on a list of proposed locations where hours could be cut, including Fort Thompson, Ree Heights, St. Lawrence, Hoven, Agar, Blunt, Draper, Kennebec, Lower Brule, Midland, White River, Dupree, Isabel, Mound City, Quinn and Union Center. A complete list of Post Offices impacted by the proposal can be found at