Sheriff's Report

Posted August 21, 2012 at 5:00 am

July 13: Leslie S. Edgar, Rockham, had a car-cow accident on 363rd Avenue near 192nd Street. Damage total was $32,000.00.

July 18: Kimberly A. Harvey, Huron, had a car-deer accident on 349th Avenue near 209th Street. Damage totaled $750.00.

July 26: Vonna Gail Schlechter, Orient, and a UTV rollover on S.D. Highway 26 at MP 245. Injury was sustained. Damage amount is unknown.

July 30: Jacob Wiercinsk, Redfield, had a rollover on SD Highway 45 at MP 133. Damage totaled $3,850.00, and injury was sustained.

August 6: Art Cavenee, Wessington, had a car-deer accident on 274th Avenue near 199th Street. Damage estimate was $915.00.

August 6: Royce C. LaRoche, Lower Brule, sustained injuries and $5,000.00 in damage to his vehicle in a rollover and subsequent fire. The accident occurred on SD Highway 45 at MP 89.

August 10: Karen J. Haigh, Wessington, had a rollover on 208th Street near 371st Avenue. No injury was sustained, but vehicle damage totaled $6,057.00.

August 16: Tim Kaltenbach, Miller, hit a cow on 201st Street near 351st Avenue. Injury was sustained. Damage total was $4,864.00.

August 17: John N. Rheinbolt, Highmore, was involved in a car-deer accident on SD Highway 26. Damage totaled $2,015.00.