School Lunch Menu 4-10-13

Posted April 10, 2013 at 11:16 am

Optional hot breakfast grades 7-12; Cold grab & go breakfast, grades K-6


Lunch choices offered daily: fruit &

vegetable bar; skim, low fat

white & skim chocolate milk

Students may select one of the

two entrée options

Thursday, April 11

Breakfast: Texas French toast

Lunch: Biscuit, mashed potatoes/gravy; Baked chicken or Salisbury steak

Friday, April 12

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & toast

Lunch: Vegetable soup; Chicken whole-grain wrap or Ham & cheddar on whole-grain bun

Monday, April 15

Breakfast: Cinnamon tasty

Lunch: California blend; Goulash w/whole grain bread or Cheeseburger on whole grain bun

Tuesday, April 16

Breakfast: Pancakes w/syrup

Lunch: Tortilla chips w/salsa, corn; Beef hard shell tacos or Barbecue meatball whole grain sub

Wednesday, April 17

Breakfast: French toast sticks

Lunch: Peas; Chicken & whole grain noodles w/whole grain bread or Corn dog