Rustler Roost NEWS 7-31-13

Posted July 31, 2013 at 12:00 am

After learning about different birds last week, the kids wanted to learn about bugs this week. We used the theme to create a variety of crafts and activities that stretched their imaginations, creativity, and hopefully they learned a thing or two too! Several of the kids brought in bugs for us to look at and talk about throughout the week. A short home video of ground wasps making tunnels in a flowerbed was shared and really intrigued the kids.


A couple of the crafts this week included making their own bugs out of Styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners, paint, and wiggly eyes. They also made spider webs using paper plates and yarn.  They then created little bugs that got “caught” on the webs for the spiders to eat. They looked very realistic!

The kids also had a chance to visit the garden, library, park and pool. On Friday the kids visited the pumpkin patch to check on how their pumpkins, gourds, and corn were growing.  They were quite surprised at how things had changed since their last visit. They also helped to pull a few weeds.  We are all anxious to see full-grown pumpkins this fall!

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ROOST KIDS pulled “mountains of weeds” between the rows of ornamental corn. Pictured are, back row left to right: Preslie Russell, Tyra Gates, Colby Harrell, Carson Minor, Aaron Castonguay. Front row, left to right: Cassie VanDerWerff, Ellie Gates, Paige Weyand, Arielle Minor, Taylen Grage, Garrett Neyens, Jon Anderson.

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