Rustler Roost News 5-8-13

Posted May 7, 2013 at 11:18 am

Where is spring? The kids are ready for shedding jackets and absorbing some sunshine. However, with the street open and no big trucks using the street to the new elementary, the kids have been able to return to the tennis courts (now turned future parking lot) to spread their wings.


A number of books were purchased through an affiliation with Modern Woodmen of America. In preparation for reading to day care children, the older Roost kids practiced reading some of the books and discussed how they could engage the listeners. The following school day the Roost kids walked to day care and read to the little ones, who were excellent listeners. As a gift, the books were left at Hand in Hand Day Care, along with bags of popcorn for a treat.

Work continues on the colorful vignette developing in the Armory entry. Tissue paper flowers adorn branches and soon butterflies will be added. Watercolor paint was used to create bright blended colors on coffee filters. By pinching them in the middle, adding pipe cleaner antennae and securing them with a snap clothespin the butterflies emerged.

The greenhouse plants are flourishing and some will soon need transplanting to bigger containers.

Each day the chicken eggs get turned. Thankfully the custodian does the morning turning and the kids do the afternoon chore. There is only about a week to go before they will find out the success rate of hatching.

A large daffodil bulb was set in a bottle-necked vase so that only the bottom was touching water. The kids have been watching the roots emerge and grow. Now they (the roots) are beginning to fill the vase and look like white carrots. The top started slowly, but has begun to grow profusely – four and one fourth inches over the weekend – from seven and one half inches on Friday to eleven and three fourths inches on Monday! What will it be by next weekend??? Have they created a “monster?”

The Roost will be open through the summer from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. Plans are being put in place to provide a wide variety of activities for the kids – swimming; story hour at the library; garden and pumpkin patch involvement; field trips; themed activities linking cooking, crafts, books, science and more; as well as physical activity and time for free expression. The Director and Board of Directors are very pleased to have educators and experienced staff on deck to provide this array of experiences for area youth.

The Roost is still wishing for an old rickety ladder to host some vine veggies in the garden. If you have one available call the Roost and someone could pick it up if need be.

For Roost information call weekday afternoons 853-0180.


ROOST READERS shared stories and rotated through groups of Hand in Hand Day Care kids, their listening audience.