Rustler Roost News 4-3-13

Posted April 2, 2013 at 6:15 pm


SEED BOMBS in the making…

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If variety is the spice of life then Roost kids had a spicy week – from seed bombs to slime, and flying trumpet players to a coyote that eats strange things.

Music Over Manhattan by Mark Karlins was read to the kids. In this book a boy who feels unworthy finds his talent, develops feelings of self worth, and decides he doesn’t need to be envious of his oh-so-smart cousin anymore. While this book had a good lesson, the book There was a Coyote Who Ate a Flea was a hilarious story of a coyote who ate very unusual things. The illustrations were great fun as the kids noticed subtle changes in the coyote’s body shape and they could “see” what was happening in the darkness of the coyote’s stomach.

A thank you banner was made and signed by the kids to send to acknowledge a kindness and another expressed appreciation to a civic group.

The warmer temps have given the kids some spring fever as jackets come off, jump rope games are played and “Can’t we stay out just a little longer?” can be heard.

Ooey, gooey would describe the making of slime. With just a bit of liquid starch, white glue and a drip of food color the kids made a slippery substance that was fun to experiment with as it slipped through their fingers.

Plastic Easter eggs became chicks and rabbits as the kids embellished them with feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes and markers. As usual, each was unique and cleverly done.

Bombs away! By mixing together and kneading potters’ clay and potting soil the kids made “pancakes.” After putting a pinch of wildflower seeds in the middle and rolling the pancake into a ball the kids created seed bombs. Currently they are drying before going home. Kids can just drip them anywhere on top of the ground. As spring rains come to soften the “bombs” the balls will “explode” with a burst of growth and color.

For information about the K-6 out-of-school-time program call the Roost weekday afternoons at 853-0180.