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Posted April 16, 2013 at 4:33 pm



SPRING FLOWERS. Dayken Bossert (left) operates a die cut machine while Kaden Koster pushes out cut flowers that others will assemble for the name plates by the doors of Good Samaritan residents.

An on-going project at the Roost is to create colorful spring flower nameplate greetings for the residents of Good Samaritan Society-Miller. The flower� pieces were made using a die cut machine. Then, the different sized flowers were layered for dimension and color variations. Kids found it strange to use skewers to get a dab of glue from a “puddle” rather than squeeze the bottle, but they decided it was an acceptable way to use only a small amount of glue. They added “jewels” to the flower centers and operated corner rounders to change the shape of rectangular background pieces.

On an early school dismissal day, the kids had an extended time to play in the gym. Creativity was abundant – using pool noodles to play hockey or fight aliens, devising new rules for playing kickball with a limited number of kids, tossing squishy balls over the volleyball net, and just pretending.

“Chrysanthemum” by Kevin Henkes, was read to the kids and served as the spring-board for a good discussion about bullying and self-confidence. Chrysanthemum was excited to start school, but by the end of the first day she did not want to return after other children had teased her about her long flower name. A perceptive and creative music teacher helped to bring the situation to a happy ending.

New projects are in the works: The test seedlings are growing; the incubator is ready for the eggs that will be coming any day; and the greenhouse will be coming out of storage to house new plantings.

Call 853-0180 weekday afternoons for information about the Rustler Roost out-of-school time program for K-6 kids.

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