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Posted April 10, 2013 at 11:19 am



SCOOP. ROLL. Drop. Scoop. Roll. Drop. Roost kids make sugar cookies as a community service project. 

Spring is in the air… the kids planted a few radish, carrot and onion seeds in a narrow, flat sided, see-through container. Just over the weekend the radishes sprouted and now a few days later �the others are peaking through. This is an experiment to be able to see the root systems of these veggies–to see both the tops and the bottoms.

Books read this week included Akiak, by Robert Blake, a historical fiction book relating to the Iditarod and the instincts of huskies. Thunderfeet, by Shelly Gill, and illustrated by Shannon Cartwright, gave insights into the prehistoric animals that lived in Alaska. Both women are friends and Iditarod past participants. Fly Away Home, by Eve Bunting, is a touching story of a father and his children that are homeless and trying to live unnoticed in a large airport as they try to improve their life. The Roost kids had very interesting comments and questions relating to this thought provoking story.

Chocolate chip and sugar cookies produced a yummy aroma as the kids baked these goodies to give as a community service project. Measuring ingredients, mixing (No big clouds of flour dust erupted!), and shaping were some skills new to some.

With whiffle balls and potato chip cans the kids played Gnome Knockdown. They found it wasn’t as easy as they anticipated and invented some new variations in which to try their skills.

Colorful tissue paper flowers “bloomed” and went with the kids to add a breath of spring to their homes. More were made to help give a bit of color to the armory entrance–a project in progress.

The Roost is taking registrations for the summer months for kids that will have completed kindergarten through fifth grade. Fun and varied activities are in the planning stages.

The Roost is continuing to ask for stuffed animals for its courthouse decorating next Christmas. We have enough bears but would be interested in acquiring other animals that live either in the evergreen forest or the jungle forests–birds, monkeys, lions, tigers, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, deer, etc.

For information about the out-of-school-time program call the Roost weekday afternoons at 853-0180.

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