Rustler Roost News 3-27-13

Posted March 29, 2013 at 4:37 pm


There was a special activity this week, when Suzi Brueggeman came to guide the children through painting a snowman scene on the book covers the kids painted last week. With sponges dipped in white paint, snowmen sitting on a blanket of snow emerged. With black paper and paper punches, the hats were made. Markers were used to make the facial features and tummy buttons. Little pieces of evergreen branches (from donated Christmas greens) were glued beside the snowman for added color and dimension. A little knotted piece of fabric was glued under his chin for a “bow” tie. Some kids chose to spatter paint a “snowstorm” over the cover and add some dimensional snow paint to the snow bank. The final touch was to add a ripped fabric strip run through the book and tied along the spine for a hanger. Suzi always makes the projects no fail…all results are fun, individual and oh-so-cute!

On one of the nicer days, jump ropes were a hit outdoors. Is that a sign of spring? Kids tried a variety of games and techniques. While some jumped independently, others did group jumping games.

Time was spent learning the card game Solitaire. After becoming familiar with the basics using decks of cards, the kids then went to the computers to practice.

Other activities included hearing some books, making giant paper Easter eggs and getting a summary of the final results of the Iditarod.

With some projects in mind there are a few things on our wish list: two-liter soda bottles, firm plastic water/soda bottles, miscellaneous plastic plates, window blinds, vases, rose bowls, small to medium sized jars (jelly, etc.), meat trays.

Anyone interested in registering their child(ren) for summer attendance at the Roost may do so at any time.


ROOST KIDS learn new painting techniques from Suzi Brueggeman in making a book cover.

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