Rustler Roost News 2-6-13

Posted February 5, 2013 at 7:36 pm



OLDER KIDS assist younger ones at the Roost in finding the big numbers during a game of Bingo.

The old fashioned ball-in-the-cup game took on a new look. Kids used triangles cut from meat trays. With a hole cut in the triangle, a tin foil ball attached with a string they could try their expertise in getting the ball into the hole. This activity was followed by learning some paper folding to create paper airplanes. One had to look out for low flying objects as the planes zinged around the room amid giggles, oh’s and ah’s.

The Winter ABC Book received illustrations with each child drawing pictures appropriate for the rhyme on one or more of the pages.

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On the afternoon of the Lego Exposition at the elementary the kids were met at the school. While some went with Mrs. Hall to her classroom for homework, others assisted with making and bagging “tons” of popcorn for the students involved in the exhibit and the adults that came to enjoy the amazing creations.

Other activities throughout the week were listening to and discussing books, making necklaces with colorful pony beads, and making pearler bead designs.

Some kind and generous donations have been received at the Roost – financial contributions, stuffed animals for next year’s Christmas display at the courthouse and tag board for projects. All donations are vital to the program. It is these kindnesses that help support the Roost and provide opportunities for our K-6 kids.

The Roost services K-6 students during the afterschool hours and no-school days.

With summer approaching plans are in the works for providing new experiences for those attending. Financial assistance is available for qualifying families. For information call the Roost at 853-0180 afternoons.