Rustler Roost News 2-27-13

Posted February 26, 2013 at 5:09 pm


The Roost underwent a bit of a make over this week when some pieces were moved around, a tipi and “camp fire” were added, and a few things went to the storage area. Change always creates interest.

The tipi is a center for quiet play or will be a part of some Native American activities. A table was brought in to accommodate a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Needless to say, that is an ongoing project and is a choice when kids just want to be quiet and calm.

The old tried and true project using charcoal, ammonia, bluing, food color, and salt was done in rose bowls. Some interesting crystals and colors emerged and they are still growing. The only salt on hand was a course grain type used on pretzels. To our surprise it did not dissolve as table salt would, but it worked to make the crystals.

Packets of Model Magic modeling and air-dry clay-type substance were donated and were a big hit. Each child had their own “blob,” and could make whatever they chose. Markers were used to add color; pieces ranged from pizza to longhorns.

Because it was Random Acts of Kindness Week, there was a discussion of what these are, who can do them, and how they make you and the recipient feel. The kids came back the next day with a varied and interesting list of kind random acts they had done–things like doing homework without being told, taking the dog out, letting brother use their I-Pod, helping a friend who had fallen, etc.

Sponge paints (like those used on Bingo cards) were an interesting new experience for most. They found doing lines needed a whole new technique. Their 7-8 foot murals added some colorful new art to the room.

Rubberstamping and paper layering were techniques used to create magnetic bookmarks. With a bunny theme, kids were able to use their imaginations to devise their particular bookmark.

Unusual things emerged as kids used colored paper and their imaginations to create something/anything using geometric shapes. Ever tried to make a dolphin with rectangles?

One goal of the Roost is to provide children with experiences that may be new to them, teach character traits, and allow time for them to explore in an area that is of interest to them.


“WHAT SHOULD I MAKE?” was a question heard as Roost kids created with air-dry clay.

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