Posted February 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm

Topics from frogs to fats and snowmen to sugars were the basis� for activities at the Roost this week.

One Frog Too Many is a cleverly illustrated wordless book. Each page evokes perceptions and discussion about feelings—jealousy, kindness, anger, and forgiveness/making up. With the turn of each page the kids perceived the action and quite aptly predicted the next occurrence.

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What to do with just colored paper and glue? The kids created winter scenes incorporating a snowman. Each feature of the picture was done by tearing the shape – no scissors allowed. These will be on display at the Hand County Library.

Beatrice’s Goat, an African story, was read. It related the theme of setting goals, working toward them and the benefits of kindness.

Valentine cards were hand stamped with a thank you message to the vets written by the children. These will be sent to the Veterans’ Hospital for patients there as a community service project.

How much sugar is in it? How many fats are in it? These were questions answered as kids studied food labels and worked to choose healthy snacks. They also measured the amount of sugar in a cola and an orange soda. While a can of Coke contains 10 and ½ teaspoons of sugar, the orange soda has even more.

The Roost continues to be appreciative of the kind donations – monetary, crafting supplies, things on our wish list, etc. They help to make many projects possible and provide new experiences for the Roost kids.

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