Rustler Roost News 12-5-12

Posted December 5, 2012 at 4:31 pm


A FIREPLACE IN THE MAKING…Roost kids painted tagboard to look like bricks to affix to a frame.

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Festive holiday lights are out and about town and the Roost is getting into the spirit as well. To greet guests at the Armory, kids have erected and decorated a tree in the entry. The decorations exhibit and encourage school spirit with Miller Rustlers as the theme.

Mugs and cups, floral foam, evergreen picks, and stamped tags became gifts that were delivered on Friday.

A tree has been decorated in the Roost with multi-colored lights, and ornaments made by the kids – beaded candy canes, felt mittens adorned with ribbon, sequins and “jewels” and wooden sleds. To add to the ambiance the kids built a fireplace using a cart and boxes. Tagboard was painted to look like bricks and affixed to the boxes. With the addition of a lit artificial log fire and a decorated mantle it has become a cozy place to sit while listening to a story.

Activities on a no-school day primarily involved cooking. The kids made dough in a bread machine. From it they made and ate monkey bread. Later they baked and tasted a loaf of oatmeal bread. They also stirred up and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to surprise the snackers the next day at the Roost. Between cooking projects they kids stamped gift tags and spent free time in the gym.

At the courthouse during Christmas on the Prairie on December 6, �watch for Cats in Hats “on the prowl” passing out treats. They will be two of our sixth-grade Roost kids doing community service and fitting in with our Seuss theme there.

For information about the out-of-school time program call the Roost at 853-0180 weekday afternoons.