Rustler Roost News 12-25-13

Posted December 29, 2013 at 3:31 pm

ARTISTS/ARCHITECTS AT WORK. Emily Gibson and Preslie Russell work to create their mini gingerbread houses

As Christmas vacation nears the homework room has been a busy place. Kids have been studying for tests and being sure all is in order for the end of the semester.

A variety of books were read this week. Some had good lessons for discussion and others were just for fun. While some were Christmas related other were not. An Amish Christmas gave insights into a culture different from what most of us experience. Alexander A. Wolf gave his version of the three pigs story as he blamed his huffing and puffing on a bad cold…

The warm temps invited extended outdoor playtime. Following the almost balmy days the kids were involved with games in the Commons when the blustery weather set in. Using yarn balls the kids played games that were not too wild, not dangerous and yet helped them spend plenty of energy in a relatively confined area.

In a large donation of thread spools, booth wooden and white, the kids sorted through to find the perfect sizes to make a snowman. By threading a string through them, using black markers and a bit of paint they became ornaments to hang.

A messy but fun activity was to build and design a mini gingerbread house. By “gluing” graham crackers onto a milk carton with a thick frosting the houses had form. Then the creativity set in as they decorated their houses and yards using mini candy canes, gumdrops, pretzels, and other colorful embellishments. Some were quite elaborate.

Our wish for you…stay toasty, enjoy the sounds and flavors of the season and find pleasure in all your holiday activities.

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