Rustler Roost News 12-11-13

Posted December 10, 2013 at 4:16 pm

To stay indoors has been the notion of the past few days with the sub zero windchills, which in turn provided the opportunity to try some new games during recreation time. Using partners, balloons and soft balls, the kids had to fine-tune their strategies and cooperation skills.


Of course, the kids have been hearing and discussing more stories. The Ghost Eye Tree was about being scared of things that only seem scarey but are actually only regular everyday things. The Fourth Little Pig introduces the sister of the three little pigs who encourages the boys to quit being afraid and get out there to experience the world.

With a few drops of iodine dripped on a variety of foods the kids tested for starches. If the food turned blue it was high in starches (sugars). Some results were obvious while others were not.

A 300-piece Santa’s workshop puzzle was assembled. The interesting part was that most of the things in the puzzle were made of something unexpected, yet quite realistic – teddybear made of peanuts, table legs made of candles, etc. A challenge was to find all the unusual components.

Someone donated a bag of large pinecones that became ornaments. The kids painted the cone tips white and while the paint was wet they dipped the cones into glitter. They then added a ribbon loop to the wide end of the cone along with a sprig of greens. Voilá! A sparkly ornament.

The wish list contains juice bottles – the 64 ounce size that is rectangular in shape. Can you see it as a Santa??? Also on the list is white packing peanuts – Santa needs a beard!

The kids are enjoying the festive feel of the season and hope that you are, too.

For information about the out-of-school time program call the Roost at 853-0180.

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