Rustler Roost news 11-7-12

Posted November 9, 2012 at 6:54 pm


BEND. CUT. SNIP.  Creative kids work at designing skeletons with Q-Tips.

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In celebration of Halloween, some of the snacks were interesting. Chocolate marshmallow-filled cupcakes were baked. On a plate for snack each child received a cupcake, a big dollop of orange frosting, a knife, and a pretzel for a stem. With these supplies, the kids created their own pumpkin to munch with some milk.

Frankenstein (in fact, many of them) “visited” the Roost. The outside of clear plastic cups were given facial features with permanent markers to imply Frankenstein. Then, vanilla pudding became green with the addition of a few drops of green food coloring and was added to their cups. With the backs of spoons, chocolate animal crackers were “hammered” to become hair and were poured over the top of the pudding. Yum, a tasty treat.

An interesting activity was to create skeletons. Bent, cut and snipped Q-tips were put on a dark-colored paper to make the boney guys.

Indoor games were played one day. Older kids taught younger ones the rules and made it work so all could play. LCR is a game that while being fun also reinforced right and left directions. Jig-saw puzzles were challenging. Apples to Apples undoubtedly enhanced their arguing talents as each player tried to convince the judge to pick their card. Some younger children learned about grids while playing Battleship.

We have taken to Hand County Library some new paintings that will be on display. Other than the designs and colors, an interesting point is that the paint was actually just a mix of white Karo syrup and food coloring.

As preparations are made for the Christmas decorating at the courthouse there are a few things on our wish list–any feathery, furry or hairy creatures that would fit well into our Seuss theme, fake fur fabric, and slim or spindly trees.

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