Rustler Roost News 11-14-12

Posted November 13, 2012 at 4:52 pm

Other than outdoor activity, recent goings-on at the Roost have focused primarily on the Christmas project for the courthouse. The Lorax has been cloned to hang on the banister. Cat in the Hat, too, has multiplied from the numerous donated tissue tubes. Onceler’s house is built of boxes and is waiting to be painted. Glitter on Styrofoam balls and beads strung on wire will be ornaments. Quilt batting spray painted blue will become Yertle’s lake. Other details are in the works. Holiday courthouse visitors will see numerous familiar Seuss “friends.”

One day some stuffed bunnies, someone’s no longer wanted project in progress, were left outside the door. Perfect timing! We were wondering how to recreate the Grinch. With a nip and a tuck, and green fake fur. . . voilá! The window of time for decorating at the courthouse is from November 15 to the 20th, so projects will be finished and good-to-go soon.

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The courthouse community service project is a great opportunity for the Roost kids. All of them can take part in the preparation and feel a sense of community and pride as they contribute to a larger community effort. They can see the results of a project where many come together to make the court house an amazing site and experience during the holiday season.

For Roost-related information, call 853-0180 weekday afternoons.

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WRAP, CUT, GLUE – eyes, mustache, nose. Ta-da!  It’s the Lorax!