Rustler Roost News 10-9-13

Posted October 8, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Pumpkins have been the center of attention much of this week. After the kids cleaned the patch last week they were able this week to choose one to decorate at the Roost. With a variety of supplies like old jewelry, doll hair, paint, milk jug caps, foam shapes, poms, buttons and more, the kids showcased their ingenuity in decorating a pumpkin. Some creations looked a little scary while others were quite glitzy.

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It would not be fall, Halloween or October without reading books about pumpkins. Some fun ones have been read to the kids and there are others on the “to read” list.

On two different days when the gym was free, the kids expended a lot of energy there. One can’t help but wonder how many steps they take or how far they run while having such a good time. When not involved in structured games they each seem to find friends and games in which they want to become involved.

Crumpled newspapers tied in plastic grocery bags brought forth a lot of giggles as the kids did a variety of activities with these “balls.” Relays, kickball and newly invented games were a novelty with these unpredictable balls.

The kids tried a new tool when they made treat cards. Embossed spider webs emerged when they used paper in an embossing folder run through a Sizzix machine. They sponged a bit of black stamping ink over the web, added a black bottle cap spider with googly eyes, mounted it on black paper and voila! They had created a cute Halloween card onto which they could add a note or attach a sweet treat for someone special.

The Roost continues to serve K-6 kids during the out-of-school time hours during weekdays. For information, call the Roost afternoons at 853-0180.



CREATIVITY UNLEASHED. Roost kids let their imaginations go as they decorate pumpkins in a variety of ways. Pictured, front table left to right, Preslie Russell, Callie Schlechter, Kaia Heilman, Jorryn Heilman, Abby Boomsma. Back of room left to right, Garrett Neyens, Cora Peterson, Tyler Hartmann and Kaden Koster.