Rustler Roost NEWS 10-3-12

Posted October 2, 2012 at 6:00 pm

The oh-so-pleasant weather has made outdoor activities fun at the Roost. There were a few structured games as well as time when kids could play the games of their choice – hula hoops, football, volleyball, Bucket Blast, etc.


As pumpkins ripen and leaves change colors, fall has been the topic of projects and activities. Fiction and non-fiction books about pumpkins were read. Pipe cleaners shaped into spiders were placed on mesh vegetable bag “webs”, and tubes painted orange became pumpkins.

Snack time is always a lively time at the Roost. When the kids arrive they get seated at the tables until everyone is checked in. This is a time when they can visit and share ideas. Often Roost kids assist with the serving by handing out portions or pouring the milk or juice of the day. This provides opportunities for some learning/developmental experiences.

There are events coming up when the kids will be assisting with fundraising activities. Some will be helping the Roost’s board of directors in serving the tailgate supper October 5. Others will be helping at the up-coming pumpkin patch opening October 10-12, and some will be popping/bagging a large number of bags of popcorn to be served at an upcoming elementary school event.

High school student Shelby Lingscheit intermittently is available to assist at the Roost and does well in multiple roles – reader, homework assistant, outdoor playmate, project assistant and general aid. The kids like having high school role models.

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YEA! Snack time – a welcome treat after school.