Rustler Roost News 10-24-12

Posted October 23, 2012 at 11:12 am

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Recently the Roost has been all about Halloween and pumpkins in a variety of ways, both indoors and out. Quart jars were sponge-painted orange. Adhesive backed foam shapes gave the jars a whole new look as the kids created “pumpkins.” Topped off with a raffia bow they were ready for a candle inside to make them glow. Six to eight inch square sheets of Styrofoam and markers became Frankenstein and other Halloween creatures. Learning to draw various facial features led to interesting creations.

The kids are hearing a chapter book mystery. Codes have had them trying to decipher the clues to find out if there really is a ghost that paddles his canoe on the lake at night – a clever and not scary story.

Talk about an upset apple cart…the kids have had to snack on the floor – the tables went to the pumpkin patch. The swimming pool in the homework room disappeared–it went to the patch. Some of the older kids left the Roost extra early–to work at the patch. The not-so-pretty witch vanished–she went to the patch.  All this is just another lesson–adjusting to change and sometimes having to go to “plan B.”

The pumpkin patch added another touch of fall. Some Roost kids worked to keep the paint trays ready and brushes cleaned for pumpkin decorators, as well as keep the stickers table somewhat organized. Several Master Gardeners and some “mystery” scarecrows were on hand to help where needed. FFA young men and women were also on deck. The gals served as guides to get folks to/through the corn maze and the guys helped to “replant” the pumpkins after they had been picked to avoid damage from freezing temperatures. With the tough growing season in our area, the Roost was very appreciative of the donation of additional pumpkins by two Sanborn County growers. The support shown by the volunteers, those that donate, matching funds providers and all the folks that patronize the pumpkin patch most certainly are appreciated for their effort in supporting the out-of-school time opportunity provided to our K-6 kids. This is another example of how “it takes a village”.

In the spring, Rich and Becky Nelson planted some rows of popcorn. The kids enjoyed a field trip to pick the ears. Back at the Roost the ears were shucked and left to dry for a while. It will be interesting to have a taste test. 

With the pumpkin patch behind them, the Roost kids will be directing their efforts to decorating for Christmas at the court house. This year the display will be lighthearted and whimsical. How do you think Christmas in Suessville should look?

For information about the program, call the Roost weekday afternoons at 853-0180.


ROOST KIDS picked popcorn ears at the pumpkin patch, and bagged them.


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