Rustler Roost News 10-2-13

Posted October 1, 2013 at 7:24 pm


As a follow-up to dinosaur activities, the kids created some amazing realistic prehistoric creatures using Legos. These, along with the clay dinos made previously, made an interesting display.

With the donation of some great step-by-step drawing books the kids tried their skills in sketching a variety of animals and objects. Some have a good eye for proportion and each is successful in their own way.

After recreation the kids find a spot on the carpet in the Roost to “tune in” to the next chapters in the Junie B. Jones book currently being read to them. They find Junie B. to be somewhat naughty, definitely opinionated and a little gal that easily gets into trouble. This week she has had more antics in the school, specifically the cafeteria.

A final trip to the pumpkin patch was productive. There were many of “Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s” when the big white coach pulled up in front of the armory to transport them to the patch! Lots of hands made the job of cleaning the produce from the patch a team endeavor that went fairly quickly. The remaining pumpkins and gourds were put onto a trailer to be made available for sale during the Saturday volleyball tournament. The kids manhandled wheelbarrows, were poked by stickery stems, stumbled when caught in the vines, exhibited teamwork, and did problem solving in finding ways to load heavy pumpkins into the wheelbarrows or the trailer. (Rich came to their rescue from time to time.) Most of the crop sold. With some of the few that are left the Roost kids will do some projects.

For information relating to the Rustler Roost afterschool program call the Roost at 853-0180 afternoons. Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.

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Mrs Clement dictionary class.jpg

Jan Kittelson | The Miller Press
Jean Johnson, and Rita Matthews, representing American Legion Auxilaries of Wessington and Miller passed out dictionaries to Mrs. Clement’s 3rd grade class, Tuesday, September 24.

Mrs Gibson class Dictionary.jpg

Jan Kittelson | The Miller Press
Legion Auxiliary members Jean Johnson, Miller, and Rita Matthews, Wessington, passed out dictionaries to Mrs. Gibson’s 3rd grade class, Tuesday, September 24. The dictionaries have spelling, phonetics, weights, measures, states and capitals.