Rustler Roost News 10-10-12

Posted October 10, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Halloween, pumpkin patch and popcorn – all topics for activities. After hearing a silly Halloween story, the children created interesting murals on long pieces of butcher paper. In preparation for the opening of the pumpkin patch, signs have been made for the roadside to guide visitors to the field of fun. In a pumpkin-centered activity, the kids guessed how much some pumpkins weighed and how many seeds were inside each one. A 30-pound pumpkin turned out to weigh just over four pounds and one with nine seeds actually contained 111. The seeds were then washed and toasted for a tasting. Another day many hands were busy, busy, filling closing and taping bags of popcorn to be served at an elementary school event.


The homework room remains a busy and appreciated aspect of the Roost. It provides an opportunity for students �to read, do timed tests, study for upcoming tests, and deal with daily work with the help and supervision of Mrs. Hall. Kids and parents alike are happy to have the homework done and to be free to enjoy the evenings.

For information about the Roost call afternoons at 853-0180.


OOEY, GOOEY FUN!  How many seeds do you suppose are in those pumpkins?

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