Rustler Roost News 1-9-13

Posted January 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm


KAIA HEILMAN, front, and Sydney Jessen, standing, hone their sewing skills as they sew fleece hats for charity.

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After some days off for Christmas vacation, Roost kids are getting back into the routine. Many have expressed enthusiasm for gifts received, family events and free time during the break.

Kids have taken down holiday decorations in the Roost, added a couple of trees used at the courthouse to the armory entrance, and are working on getting the courthouse decorations sorted and ready to put away.

Already next year’s courthouse theme is chosen – “Christmas in the Forest.” Thus, stuffed forest animals are on the wish list – skunks, coons, bears, deer, birds, etc. – anything you might see in the woods. Also on the list are small or thin trees.

Games, stories, tea gifts for Good Samaritan residents, pearler beads, and recreational games have kept the kids busy. Extra time in the gym has given them the opportunity to learn some new active games as well as expend a lot of energy. Outdoors the snow piles are the center of the action. Kids are wishing for more snow to get bigger piles on which to play.

Through Modern Woodmen of America, the kids have the opportunity to earn T-shirts based on volunteerism throughout the calendar year. In 2012 Roost kids did a total of 188 hours of community service work! To earn a T-shirt, each child must accumulate a total of five hours and the Roost as a group must total 100 hours. Sixteen kids have earned T-shirts, with a few of those having totals of 12-22 hours. Many of the activities done at the Roost qualify – working at the museum yard, school garden, Good Samaritan garden, and pumpkin patch; decorating at the courthouse; making treats for National Guardsmen; helping with fundraisers; painting a downtown bench; etc.

For information about the Roost out-of-school time program call afternoons 853-0180.