Rustler Roost News 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:46 pm


PING PONG with a lot of air… kids test their blowing ability as they try to keep the ball on the table with no help from their hands. 

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Snowmen emerged inside the Roost when kids sponged white acrylic paint onto rose bowls, added an orange carrot nose, big black eyes, and a wiggly smile, topped off with a sock top for a hat. With a string of white lights added inside these guys make a fun light.

On a no-school day, when the kids were at the Roost all day, activities were varied. Thank-you cards were made using rubber stamps. They made individual pizzas for an afternoon snack. Using a bread machine to make the dough, they made monkey bread for a treat.

The winter ABC book started last week was addictive – lots of brainstorming and rhyming fun. The kids enjoyed completing the couplets for the various letters of the alphabet. They are now ready to illustrate each letter and its poem. Here’s a sample: “C” – Cold snow comes and goes. Try not to freeze your little toes. “F” – Friends and family have lots of fun. As snow glitters in the sun.

The Roost has acquired new floor puzzles. Kids enjoyed putting together those of the Arctic region and ocean life.

Giggles galore could be heard when the kids tried to play a table tennis type game using a ping pong ball, no hands and lots of big breaths. With a piece of tape dividing the snack tables in half, teams tried to keep the ball on the table on their side as well as get it to go off the table on the opponents’ side.

Chris Van Allsburg’s “Two Bad Ants” was a story the kids heard. It addressed making wise choices, predicting consequences, and appreciation of the things we have. In an entertaining way it tells the story of two ants that strayed from the group in a “foreign” place called a kitchen. Their choices did not always have good consequences but in the end they are safe at home.

Old and new games were played. Apples to Apples is always a favorite. A new one called Mohawk Bean Game dealt with probability as kids dropped buttons. They then acquired beans from the pot of 100 in accordance with the number of tops and bottoms exposed in their button drop. When the bean pot was empty the child with the most beans was the winner.

For information about the Rustler Roost out-of-school time program call 853-0180 afternoons.